A Port in a Storm

a port in the storm
Set in a sleepy coastal town with supernatural problems, Haven has had its fair share of trouble over the past decades and now those troubles have come back to haunt them. After the death of two young citizens and two supernaturally dangerous events in town, it's come to the Reverend's attention that something must be done. If the police won't handle the 'Troubled' then the town's faith in God will. A clear line is being drawn in the sand and whispers of a witchhunt are being cast behind closed doors. The only thing left to decide is who will you support? The Reverend... or the Troubled?

A Port in the Storm is an intermediate to advanced game with a low 300+ word count and freestyle application.

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Setting & Census
Spring 2012
After the unexpected Nor'easter swept in a turned Haven on its ear, winter has faded away into the early hints of spring. There is still a nip in the early morning air and lingering slush scattered about, but some flowers are beginning to bud as the ground thaws. There is a buzz about the town as everyone attempts to shuck off the heavy coat of winter and prepares for baseball and softball season just a few short weeks away.

Heigh ho, Sea Dogs!

Females: 32Males: 25
Church: 10 Civilians: 14
Outsiders: 08 Troubled: 26

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Sidebar: Dana
Coding Help: RCR
Skin by: Wraith
Graphics by: Iris & Dinah

Based on the book The Colorado Kid & SyFy's Haven

All characters & writing belong to their respective authors

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Unfortunately, it seems as though time, ideas, and keeping people interested has become a hurdle that we just can't get over. APS is not going away forever, but it will be taking some time off to be able to refocus our plot, characters, setting and basis. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication and hopefully when we revamp APS will have another year of great story telling and activity. Until then, keep in touch.
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